Teachers & Pupils

Teachers & Pupils

The most important question in this field at the moment is: how can we raise average teacher effectiveness? Nothing matters for attainment half as much as this. And more specifically, how can we raise teacher effectiveness in schools in disadvantaged neighbourhoods? My work on teachers focusses on these issues: measuring teacher effectiveness. and analysing policies that might increase it.

I also think that pupil motivation, engagement and effort is a crucial theme, though there is less consensus on this in the field. I have shown how much it matters for attainment, and am looking at different sorts of motivation and again whether policy can help.

Scientific Papers

These links are to the Discussion Paper versions of the papers; these are freely available to everyone. Many of the papers are also published in scientific journals but those are often restricted access.

Policy writing

These links are to short (-ish) blog posts written to highlight interesting findings or to comment on education policy.