School choice, admissions and equity

School choice, admissions and equity

At the core of every education system is a system for assigning pupils to schools. This might be simply by residence - you go to your local school. Or it might be based on an exam score - like the school tracking systems in a number of European countries and how the grammar school used to operate in England. Or it might be based on parental choice of school, like the system we have now in most of England.

How this assignment system works has strong implications for the average level of attainment, for inequality in attainment, and specifically for how well children from deprived communities do. Figuring out these implications is what my research here is all about.

Scientific Papers

These links are to the Discussion Paper versions of the papers; these are freely available to everyone. Many of the papers are also published in scientific journals but those are often restricted access.

Policy writing

These links are to short (-ish) blog posts written to highlight interesting findings or to comment on education policy.