School Accountability

School Accountability

Schools are entrusted with a huge amount of money - around £30bn a year in England - and developing the future skills of our children. Despite £30bn being quite a lot of money, the latter is far more valuable than the former. Schools should be held accountable for how they deal with those. In England, the accountability system involves publicly available comparative school performance tables, and inspections by OFSTED.

I have been exploring whether school accountability matters, what are the implications of different accountability regimes for attainment and inequality in attainment, and what is the best form for accountability.

Scientific Papers

These links are to the Discussion Paper versions of the papers; these are freely available to everyone. Many of the papers are also published in scientific journals but those are often restricted access.

Policy writing

These links are to short (-ish) blog posts written to highlight interesting findings or to comment on education policy.